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Best sites on the web Hi, I'm just a some dumb chick who like funny websites, so I'm gonna be listing them here on my site

Today's websites

Women Jokes : funny and dirty jokes to read about women and men

Funny Genius Ideas : lets you submit and read thoughts from Genius's like you

Blastr : is hot news about movies, TV, games, books, top celebrities and more. Red-carpet photos.

Dating Life : Help singles improve their dating life

Webpage Templates : has awesome website templates to use on your site.

Guardian : The Manchester Guardian was founded by John Edward Taylor in 1821. In 1994-95 the Guardian began developing online publication. It is now the most popular UK newspaper website.

BabyAge Coupons : get discount codes for your baby

iVillage : the daily destination for women, with an active women's community, horoscopes, health and pregnancy information, message boards and blogs

Daily Sweepstakes : lets you submit and enter free daily contests.

Pregnant Jeans : Best maternity jeans to wear to make your butt look good.

Gawker : is daily Manhattan media news and gossip.

Dumb means to have a lack of sense. I have a lack of sense. Sometimes when I supposed to be driving to school I day dream and drive to work instead.

Chick is slang for a woman. I'm pretty sure I'm a woman. I have boobs and a vagina. A chik is also a bird that has not yet reached adulthood. I'm pretty sure I'm not a bird though. I don't see any feathers.